Live at Heinrich's

by Eclepto Funk Americana

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DIY, folk-punk, lo-fi, alt-Americana


released October 12, 2011

Sarah Elle, Tom Luongo, Andy Rojas; featuring Mike Lunapiena, Shana Norton, and Arvid Smith



all rights reserved


Eclepto Funk Americana Jacksonville

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Track Name: Six AM After the End of the War
so you've seen the lions
free of their cage
seen the city burning
on a desert plain
and everybody waits
and they call it fate

there's no glory
in the house of man
anyone who says so
has something to gain
got no right to claim
got no claim to stake

but i'm blue for you
and i've got no reasons
to explain
but i'm blue for you

six am
after the end of the war
guess somebody knows
what the fight is for
but i just don't know
what we've become

but i'm blue for you
and i don't know how
i'll get back home
but i'm blue for you
Track Name: Marie, Part Two
Grace is a good woman
the mother of my girls
she has sky-blue yes
blond hair in curls

we've been together for so long
she didn't see me anymore
i was like a cloudless sky
or a stainless floor

Marie was half my age
I'd come to hear her sing
sometimes we'd walk out by the lake
I always wore my ring

I knew better, yes I did
and I thought I understood,
but it's hard when someone looks at you
like you're something good

Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm,
Marie, Marie

She had scars and welts
up and down her arms
worst of all you saw her soul
had come into some harm

I tried to end it she had darkness
that would swallow me
she said I was the only man
ever to see her bleed

They found her in the morning
cold in the frozen lake
her clothes piled by the shore
the dark her soul to take

I wake up in the morning
and I get to work on time
I put two words together
and I call them mine

I take my girls out for a walk
after I kiss my wife
if I were a man of honor
I'd pay with my life
Track Name: Supernova
close your eyes
and watch the sun rise
stardust in the air
you are back
where you started from
and you are everywhere

wrap your arms around yourself
and hold on tight
you are sitting still
at the speed of light
a diamond in the night
a fire in the sky

and so
you have brought about
what you feared the most
when you're naked
remember those who watch
are naked in their clothes

business men do their thing
up on the stage
holy men
go tumbling in their cage
the spirit of the age
the fire and the rage

and i am here with you
my love
and i am here for you
my love
i'll live as i have said
and i am not afraid
of your supernova
Track Name: Atlas of Far Away Streams
wash my neck
wash my face
gin clear water
wash my chest
try to wash my hands
gin clear water

through miles
of sage brush
and desert rock
to the Missouri
and a man-made lock
down the Mississippi
and the delta mud
to the Gulf
and another
act of God
gin clear water

and you are my atlas
of far away streams
you are my waking
and you are my dream
no need for silence
no need to lie
i'm going to love you
til the day that i die
gin clear water

and you are my atlas
of far away streams
you are my center
and my extreme
you are my ocean
and you are my sky
and i'm going to love you
til the day that i die
gin clear water
Track Name: Empire Express
four-four-oh running down the line
new york central east of syracuse
new speed record 1893
and i'm gonna watch it roll right by me

my name is a.p. yates and i take photographs
and this one's gonna pay some of my bills
i'm not a man to think this is the good lord coming
but it's surely gonna ease some of my ills

smoke rising like a funeral pyre
that takes the least and the most
the engineer waves at us
and he's already blurry as a ghost

train, train, empire express
rolling on by me
train, train heading for the night
keep going til you reach the sea

my father died in the civil war
you won't find a picture of him
his life was so short sometimes i wonder if
he didn't think it was just a dream
Track Name: Southbound Lane
woke up again
crumpled like a cigarette
got nothing to remember
and nothing to forget

no one can hear
these thoughts of mine
if anybody could
wouldn't pay them any mind

gave it all away
too soon
feet on the ground
eyes on the moon

got nobody waiting
got nowhere to be
this world's a ghost
only i can see

and it's a northern rain
and a southbound lane
and me

truth be told
i'd rather run and hide
the world's too much
for any kind of pride

called to the stand
with my innocence
only to find out
i have no defense